Atlanta Videotape Duplication

Atlanta's VCS is known for high quality, prompt service, and competitive pricing on broadcast and consumer videotape duplication. The rigid quality control inspection system employed at our two Atlanta are facilities ensures that your videotape copies meet the highest possible standards for image and sound quality. When you choose Atlanta's VCS for your videotape duplication project, your videotape is continuously monitored and analyzed by our videotape duplication operators to ensure your final product reflects the quality you deserve.

Videotape Duplication in Atlanta:
We Support Virtually Any Format

Atlanta's VCS is proud to support a broader range of new High Definition videotape formats than any video duplication company in the Atlanta area, including:
     • HDV
     • DVC Pro HD
     • HDCAM
     • HDCAM SR

Serving the Atlanta market for 25 years, VCS is a trusted provider of VHS and broadcast videotape duplication. We can handle almost any tape format, digital or analog, including:
     • Digital Betacam (PAL and NTSC)
     • Betacam SX
     • Betacam IMX
     • Betacam SP (PAL and NTSC)
     • D2
     • Hi-8
     • Digital 8
     • DVCam (PAL & NTSC)
     • Mini DV (PAL and NTSC)
     • DVC Pro (25 & 50)
     • 1”
     • 3/4” Umatic
     • VHS
     • SVHS

Atlanta's VCS also offers the Atlanta market video transfer services to DVD, or video encoding to a digital file that can be streamed on your website or viewed on virtually any mobile playback device.

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