CD-ROM Duplication & Replication

CD-ROM LogoWhen you have interactive presentations, product demos, or other types of important business documents you want to distribute on CD-ROM, trust your data to VCS, a CD-ROM duplication company you can count on.

A Full-Service CD-ROM Duplication Company

There are many steps required to prepare a CD-ROM for professional duplication. As a full-service CD-ROM duplication company, VCS is able to help you with conversion of video to the MPEG-1 format, the most common video file type for corporate use. We also have the capability to encode a wide range of other digital video file types, including Real Media, QuickTime (QT), and Windows Streaming Media. If you desire, VCS can author your CD-ROM duplication project for interactivity by adding menus and supplementary audio tracks, as well as a variety of other interactive features. VCS also has the capability to author your CD-ROM to play on a specific computer platform (Mac or PC), or we can make your CD-ROM cross-platform compatible, which will allow the same CD-ROM to play on both Mac and PC.

Once the finished master CD has been prepared and approved, we begin the CD-ROM duplication process. Our state-of-the-art duplication equipment can create multiple copies at once – each CD-ROM identical to the original. We also offer a wide variety of creative and professional CD-ROM packaging and labeling options to help your company present a creative and professional image that lets you stand out from the crowd.

Short Run CD-ROM Duplication
or High Volume CD-ROM Replication

Short run CD-ROM duplication or high volume CD-ROM replication – no project is too big or too small for VCS. We routinely duplicate CD-ROMs in quantities ranging from one to one million, and we do the job quickly, easily and affordably. Above all, we pride ourselves on being extremely customer service driven. We work closely with our clients to ensure a quality end product with each and every CD-ROM duplication project.

So when your company or organization is ready to take on that trade show, nail that important sales meeting or give a killer presentation, make sure you have VCS in your corner and you'll be sure to stand out from the crowd. Contact us today to get started!

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