Closed Captioning Services

Final Cut ProVCS is known for offering a comprehensive range of high quality Broadcast Videotape services. When you choose VCS for your closed captioning requirements, you know you can count on this same level of quality and attention. Our Closed Captioning services, with continuous monitoring during each step of the process, ensures your final product reflects the quality that you expect and that the hearing impaired rely upon.


No script, no problem. When your project requires transcription, VCS delivers. In addition to dialog, our transcriptions include off-screen sound effects, speaker identification, and more. Transcripts are available in virtually any format required, with or without time code.

Offline Captioning

Offline Captions are created and added to the video content after a production has been recorded but prior to air or playback. This process allows for perfectly timed Caption display including every spoken word, sound effect [car horn] and emotional tone [joyful]. Examples of such productions include long form programming, faith based broadcasts, commercial spots, special interest programming, corporate communications and instructional videos. The Captions are programmed and displayed in either pop-on, roll-up or paint-on style.

VCS can supply you with virtually any Caption file type for use with your NLE system, authoring system or for your Internet Service Provider. Some of the more commonly requested file types include: .SCC, .CAP, .STL, .XML, .SRT, .TTML and more.

Online Captioning (Real Time)

Online Captions are transcribed live by an experienced stenographer and added during broadcast, playback or live event. Applications most suited for Online Captions include live events such as Church sermons, sporting events, news events, business meetings, "live" productions or expedited Caption requirements. Realtime Captioning most always will appear as two line roll-up style.


Final Cut ProOnce the transcription and captioning process is completed, VCS has the Broadcast experience to marry the captions to your content creating a caption encoded master or file. VCS offers encoding to virtually every HD and SD videotape format in the broadcast industry, including:

    • XDCAM
    • HDCAM SR
    • HDCAM
    • DVC Pro HD
    • Digital Betacam
    • DVCAM
    • Betacam SP

VCS can even add captions to your digital assets. Simply supply your file on hard drive or via ftp and we will output it to tape creating a caption master to meet every need.


Through the VCS network of translators, we are able to translate your program into almost any language. Our translators specialize in performing fine dialect work, including 13 dialects of Spanish, 5 dialects of French, 4 dialects of Chinese, and more.


VCS also offers subtitling services. Subtitling differs from closed captioning in how text is displayed and managed. Subtitles are commonly open (visible) and can be processed in English or translated to/from virtually any language.

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