DVD & Blu-ray Authoring

VCS is ready to assist you with Blu-ray and DVD authoring and production services for your project.

DVDs and Blu-ray discs are excellent mediums for multimedia content delivery, and proper DVD and Blu-ray authoring is critical to make sure your project flows properly. Menu design, streamlined navigation, deep user experience and extensive content management are all part of the authoring process.

At Video Copy Services' two Atlanta offices, our experienced staff stands ready to assist you with creative multimedia design and development using the authoring or design software that best suits your project's needs, including Apple Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Adobe Encore, and more. We invite you to work with our designers to create the right navigation system for your project, or you can send us your files and instructions and we’ll do it for you.

We offer our DVDs and Blu-ray authoring services for projects of all sizes, whether you are working with a single CD holding a 30 second movie file plus PDFs and documents, or a run of thousands of DVDs holding two hours of video each. Our DVDs and Blu-ray authoring services can range from the simple to the complex –– from basic text-based menus to fully interactive navigation complete with images and sound. There’s no limit to our authoring capabilities. So if you’re looking for something unusual, we can handle it.

If your project requires additional authoring, please call VCS at 404-321-6933 to discuss your options with one of our knowledgeable associates today.