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DVD & Blu-ray LogosNow celebrating our 30th year in business, Atlanta Georgia's VCS is proud to be your source for fast, friendly DVD duplication and DVD replication services. Catering to the entertainment, film and video community, VCS is a DVD duplication company you can count on. Atlanta-based VCS is also leading the way in Blu-ray duplication, as well as a full range of other high definition video services. As Atlanta's leading DVD duplication company, you can count on VCS to offer the highest quality DVD and Blu-ray duplication services.

State of the Art DVD and Blu-ray Duplication Services

DVD has become the new standard for video distribution, growing in popularity at an incredibly rapid pace. Yet DVD is much more than a replacement for VHS. Standard DVDs are capable of storing six times the data than a single CD, and new Blu-ray discs (sometimes mis-spelled “Blue Ray”) are capable of storing 25 to 50 times more. It’s easy to see why DVD and Blu-ray have become ideal solutions for space-hungry modern media.

VCS is Your Full Service DVD Duplication Company

There are several processes that must be completed by a DVD duplication company to produce a DVD disc for reliable playback and for distribution. The DVD encoding process converts content into both video (MPEG-2 files) and audio (Dolby Digital AC-3 files), the standard DVD formats for playback. The DVD authoring process involves the creation of menus, chapter breaks, supplementary audio tracks, and a variety of other features exclusive to DVD technology. Finally, a master DVD is created by your DVD copy service, and any duplicate DVD copies are made from this master. If you need professional help preparing a finished master ready for DVD duplication, VCS is able to assist you with a wide range of DVD authoring and mastering services.

At VCS, we’re more than a DVD duplication company – we’ll take you all the way to a professionally finished product. Our wide variety of creative and professional DVD packaging and labeling options helps you present a creative and professional image that lets you stand out from the crowd.

DVD Duplication

Short Run DVD Duplication or High Volume DVD Replication: We've Got You Covered

Short run DVD duplication or high volume DVD replication – no DVD duplication project is too big or too small for VCS. We routinely handle DVD production runs ranging from one to one million DVD copies. And we do the job quickly, easily and affordably. Above all, we pride ourselves on being extremely customer service driven. We work closely with our clients to ensure a quality end product with each and every project.

So when you’re ready to unleash your masterpiece, take it to the experts. Take it to VCS.

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