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Is Sony Betacam SP the Latest Legacy Format?

February, 2014 – Sony's Betacam SP format was introduced in 1982 as part of the company's half-inch professional videocassette product. In the year 2000 Sony discontinued the VTR, including the popular BVW models. According to the company, "Sony's long-standing support policy of manufacturing and providing replacement parts for equipment for seven years after model discontinuation allows you to keep these products active for many years...". As of March 2013, Sony has discontinued its' parts and service program for the Betacam SP videotape format.

In time, it is expected that many organizations will have limited access to Betacam SP VTR's thus eliminating the ability to access their library and historical video tape footage in-house.

Over the years, Video Copy Services (VCS) has made a significant investment in the Betacam SP format and is well poised to assist in any archival process from Betacam SP. VCS also has the equipment and trained personnel to accommodate most other legacy video tape formats as well, such as One Inch Type-C, D-2 and even 3/4" U-Matic.

Preserve your content securely, timely and cost effectively with VCS.

See Sony's full list of discontinued items by clicking here.

Our Video Archival Services can optimize your Betacam SP video and encode digital files for long term storage, electronic delivery over LAN, broadband, cable, dial-up or DSL modem. We can upload and store your digital files on our server in order to assist with file management and electronic delivery. VCS can also format and encode digital video for distribution to a wide range of popular mobile devices. Most portable devices have different video format and codec requirements, screen size, resolution, etc. VCS has the expertise and equipment to support them all.

Unlike other video encoding services that would simply have you
upload your your Betacam SP footage to an automated "one size fits all" system, VCS has trained and seasoned professionals on staff to ensure that your unique video gets the proper, personal care and attention you deserves. The result is simply the highest quality digital video encoding possible, not only for Betacam SP and other legacy Standard Definition tape formats but High Definition as well. With the addition of HDCAM SR, HDCAM, HDV and DVC Pro HD machines, VCS is able to accommodate nearly any High Definition digital video encoding project.

Not sure what what file based solution is best for your project? Are you more comfortable with physical media? Contact one of our Media Consultants to explore the many options for physical delivery. Consider bumping up your content to another tape format, possibly up convert to High Definition or simply create a DVD archive to preserve your assets and peace of mind.

Contact a VCS Media Consultant to preserve your content on physical or digital media for today and the future.

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