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Closed Captioning ServicesMarch, 2014 – What do the new FCC Closed Captioning Regulations mean to you and your organization? For example recent changes to the Closed Caption regulations require broadcasters to Caption most videos distributed/broadcasted online. Does this impact how you process and post your content for web viewing? Complying with the new regulations not only will allow you to reach a wider viewing audience, but it is crucial to avoid any possible legal ramifications or unnecessary fines for noncompliance.

According to the FCC Internet Video Programming rules, "when a Captioned TV program is re-shown on the Internet (even) in segments, it must be Captioned if substantial portions of the entire program are shown in those segments". The FCC Implementation Schedule for Captioning Internet Video Programming also states that pre-recorded video programming that is substantially edited for the Internet must be Captioned if it is shown on TV with Captions on or after September 30, 2013. Is your web content compliant? Is your organization at risk due to noncompliance?

In this issue of Content Solutions learn about the Closed Captioning services available at VCS. Services range from transcription to Captioning (programming) and creation of encoded broadcast masters or digital files. VCS can also assist in Live (Realtime) Captioning needs with a network of over 50 Captioners for your special event or broadcast!

You can count on VCS for your next Captioning project, we have the expertise to keep your content compliant! Contact a VCS Media Consultant today to learn more.

Does your production require a written transcript of the finished content? When you need transcripts, VCS can deliver. In addition to spoken words, a transcript can include: sound effects, camera angles and shots, timecode, speaker identification and more. Transcripts are useful for language translation, as-broadcast scripts, continuity lists and Offline Captioning. When you require a transcript, VCS can deliver, transforming your tape or digital file into a transcript within 24 to 48-hours.

Offline Captions are created and added to the video content after a production has been recorded but prior to air or playback. This process allows for perfectly timed Caption display including every spoken word, sound effect [car horn] and emotional tone [joyful]. Examples of such productions include long form programming, faith based broadcasts, commercial spots, special interest programming, corporate communications and instructional videos. The Captions are programmed and displayed in either pop-on, roll-up or paint-on style. VCS can supply you with virtually any Caption file type for use with your NLE system, authoring system or for your Internet Service Provider. Some of the more commonly requested file types include: .SCC, .CAP, .STL, .XML, .SRT, .TTML and more.

Online Captions are transcribed live by an experienced stenographer and added during broadcast, playback or live event. Applications most suited for Online Captions include live events such as Church sermons, sporting events, news events, business meetings, "live" productions or expedited Caption requirements. Realtime Captioning most always will appear as two line roll-up style.

Closed Captioning ServicesOnce your Captions are completed and the file generated, you will need to encode or apply it to the content. In addition to supplying Caption files, VCS can assist by marrying the file to the end deliverable whether tape or file based deliverable. VCS offers turn key, worry free encoding to virtually all SD and HD tape formats including:
        • HDCAM SR
        • HDCAM
        • XDCAM
        • DVCPro HD
        • DVCAM
        • Mini DV
        • DVC Pro
        • Digital Betacam
        • Betacam SP

Contact a VCS Media Consultant to learn more about the Closed Captioning process and the related Captioning services offered and begin drafting the workflow required to keep your content FCC compliant.

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