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April, 2012 – Everyone at VCS is extremely proud of the long-standing relationship we have developed with the Turner Broadcasting System. For more than 11 years we have provided Turner a multitude of video content delivery solutions. Located within the 1020 building, VCS has been able to turn work in a timely and efficient manner, offering pick up and delivery so you never have to leave your desk.

We are excited to announce that VCS is launching a periodic newsletter. From time to time we will be updating you on the new and exciting projects on which we are working. We want to make sure you know how we are constantly changing our services to meet your evolving needs. It is our hope that the Newsletter will also provide informative and relevant information that will reinforce our solutions capacity for all our customers at Turner.

Secure Digital Distribution: Take control of your content distribution. VCS can assist and create a direct and custom web based channel between you and your audience. Securely stream video content, share print materials and photos with the intended recipient. Customize audience playlists and available information based on client-defined testing and polling features. With a full range of available analytics you can monitor what is viewed and by whom!

Watermarking: Visible watermarking is an effective deterrent against content piracy as your video can be traced back to the recipient. You may impose a watermark on the entire video or specified areas. Include recipient specific text, names or titles, images, logos, network bugs and much more. Watermarking is not detrimental to the quality or playability of the content. Consider protecting your next video project with a watermarking solution by VCS.

With the broadest range of supported video formats in the Southeast, full HD capabilities and state-of-the-art technology, our trained experts are here to help help you realize your vision. VCS can fulfill virtually any HD conversion, encode, transfer, edit or duplication request. HD formats include: HDCAM SR, HDCAM, XDCAM, DVCPRO HD, HDV and virtually all file based videos.

Short Run or High Volume: No project is too big or too small for VCS. We routinely handle production runs from one to one million copies, and we do the job quickly and easily. Plus, we offer full-color disc printing and various CD & DVD packaging options for all project sizes and media formats.

Contact VCS to discuss a custom solution for your distribution needs.

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