Digital Video Encoding Services

Digital video encoding is the process of taking your existing tape, disc or original movie, as recorded by your video camera, web-cam or other video capture device, and converting it to a digital file for delivery in a particular medium. DVD encoding uses this same digitizing process to transfer video onto a DVD. If you work with video, sooner or later you are going to want to commit your work to DVD, Blu-ray or digital file. You need to make sure that you encode your footage using the best possible methods for the best possible quality. VCS is leading the way with the broadest range of supported digital video file formats and codecs of any video company in the Southeast.

VCS is experienced in digital video encoding of all types of files, including:
      • MPEG 1
      • MPEG 2
      • MPEG 4
      • H.264
      • MXF
      • Flash Video (.flv)
      • Windows Media Player (.wmv)
      • RealPlayer (.ra)
      • Quicktime (.mov)
      • AVI (.avi)
      • Apple ProRes
      • 3GP

Digital Video Encoding for Electronic Delivery
and iPad / iPod Video Conversion

VCS can optimize and encode digital video for electronic delivery over LAN, broadband, cable, dial-up or DSL modem. We can upload and store your digital files on our server in order to assist with file management and electronic delivery. And we can also format and encode digital video for distribution to a wide range of popular mobile devices, including iPad, iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV, Microsoft Zune, Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) and many others. Each of these portable devices has different video format/codec requirements, screen size, resolution, etc. Only VCS has the expertise and equipment to support them all.

Full Service Video Encoding

With the addition of HDCAM SR, HDCAM, HDV, and HD DVC Pro machines, VCS is able to accommodate nearly any Hi-Def digital video encoding or transcoding project. We offer full-service professional digital video encoding services. Unlike other video encoding services that would simply have you upload your footage to an automated "one size fits all" system, we have trained and seasoned professionals on staff to ensure that your unique video gets the proper, personal care and attention it deserves. The result is simply the highest quality digital video encoding possible.

DVD Encoding Requirements

When encoding for DVD, Digital Betacam, BetacamSP, BetacamSX, D2, 1 inch, DVC-PRO and DVCAM make for the best duplication masters, delivering excellent images. A DVD can also be produced from other tape formats, such as VHS, SVHS, 3/4 inch SP, Mini DV, 8mm and Hi 8 mm. Contact VCS today for a quote!

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