Video Transcoding / Conversion

Video transcoding is the direct digital-to-digital format conversion from one encoding format to another. Perhaps you have older footage stored in an obsolete format that needs to be converted into a more modern format. Or maybe you have current footage that you want to repurpose for online use or playback on a mobile device. Or perhaps the video format recorded by your camera is not directly compatible with your editing software. These are just a few of the reasons you may need to utilize a video transcoding service.

The most popular method of video transcoding is to decode the original data to an intermediate format in a way that still contains the content of the original, and then encoding the resulting file into the target format. This allows the opportunity to edit the footage in its interim state prior to re-encoding.

Editing HDCAM or HDCAM-SR Footage In Final Cut Pro

HDCAM and HDCAM-SR are the high definition video formats of choice for broadcast video or high-quality digital video production. Unfortunately, getting your footage into Final Cut Pro for editing can be an issue. VCS can help by transcoding your footage into digital files that can then be read by Final Cut Pro. We have the latest technology and the proven expertise to make sure your footage retains its original hi-def quality during the video transcoding process.

A highlight of digital video is that there is little to no loss of quality when converting or transcoding to another file format, if converted correctly. That is why it is important to choose a video transcoding company with deep experience in the field. VCS is leading the way with the broadest range of supported file formats and codecs of any video services company in the Southeast, including a wide range of high definition capabilities.

VCS is experienced in video transcoding of all types of files, including:

      • HDCAM
      • HDCAM-SR
      • MPEG 1
      • MPEG 2
      • MPEG 4
      • H.264
      • MXF
      • Flash Video (.flv)
      • Windows Media Player (.wmv)
      • RealPlayer (.ra)
      • Quicktime (.mov)
      • AVI (.avi)
      • Apple ProRes
      • 3GP

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